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Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

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Practitioner of The Reconnection

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Coauthor, My Helpful Healing Touch
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www.HealingTouchProgram.com, or by

Classes in Clinical Aromatherapy

Traditional Usui Reiki Certification Training

Process Art Classes: the Process of Intuitive

Western Calligraphy classes, with emphasis on the
dip pen

Axiatonal Alignment

Originated by Janet DiGiovanna, taught by Sue Hovland as the Vibrational Grid,
and popularized by Eric Pearl as The Reconnection, Axiatonal Alignment
incorporates Sacred Geometry in a two-day procedure that reconnects the
body's meridian lines to the ley lines of the Earth and to the Universal Grid.

Individual energy work sessions,
including Axiatonal Alignment, are available to facilitate the body's
natural healing ability.  Energy work is helpful for pain management,
preparation for surgery and speeding healing after surgery. Energy
work is a proven stress reliever, and works to balance us on all levels.

Energy Work is from the Heart level.
It is a Gift of Life from the Universe
for our Personal Empowerment, Self-Healing and
Sharing Healing Energy with Others,

Energy work is something that we all can use to enhance our
immunity, reduce our stress levels, and enjoy a renewed sense of
relaxation, well-being and connection . . .

It’s all about the vibration…

As vast as this space without
is the tiny space within your heart:
heaven and earth are found in it,
fire and air, sun and moon,
lightning and the constellations,
whatever belongs to you here below
and all that doesn't,
all this is gathered in that tiny space
within your heart.

--Chandoghya Upanishad 8.1.2-3

"Every single atom of your body that is not hydrogen or helium
was created in the fiery interior of a massive star." - Meg Urry

(we are stardust)

Traditional Usui Reiki Training
is offered on an ongoing basis, along with regular practice time for
students to learn more by working with the energies. See class
Reiki is a rich practice all on its own, and a magnificent basis for all energy
studies. If you've ever wondered "Where do I start?" this training will provide the
basics of energy work and an excellent context for understanding the principles
and practice of energy healing.

The material contained in this Web site is
for informational purposes only  and
should not be used as a substitute
for the medical care and advice of your physician.

The article below was written in 2006 by a client who gave herself a special
birthday gift. She is also a writer and editor at Chicago Splash magazine, and this
article gives a good overview of what it's like to have an energy work session:

Reiki - A Treatment that is a Treat

By Barbara Keer

I decided the best way to treat myself for a major birthday was to try Reiki. Living
in a winter climate when winter seems too long, a treatment that is renewing and
offers the possibility of more energy was very appealing. Off I went through the
cold blowing snow to my treatment, dragging. I emerged and the same cold and
snow were there but with my chakras aligned, my aura extended and my body
grounded, the weather was less bothersome. I experienced clear sinuses, a
straightened posture that just happened and an “I can” feeling. So I actually felt
younger for my birthday.

And what did I have to do? I was welcomed for my session by Karen Daughtry
whose encouraging smile and calm voice continued through the treatment,
explaining what was happening and why. I was led to a small, cozy room and
invited to lie down on a massage table fully clothed. Karen explained that when
people can’t lie down, she works with them seated. I found the massage table so
comfortable that during the treatment, I was only semi-conscious, drifting into
and near sleep. Many people do sleep because it is so comfortable and relaxing. I
thought a cocoon must feel something like this.

“All healing is self healing”

I was barely aware of Karen’s hand doing a “dance” above me, a wonderful aroma
in the room and calming music playing. Occasionally, Karen moved over to the
counter to write something. Before the start of the hands-on part of the session,
she asked whether I preferred not to be touched because the next phase of the
treatment can include a light physical touch but is not required. Energy work can
also be done off the body, in the aura. I was fine with the light and non-intrusive
hand placements and to me it felt wonderful. I was surprised when I felt my
sinuses clear. It all felt so good, that when the session ended, I really did not want
to get up. But alas, the session was over and it was time to go.

I learned from Karen that she was facilitating the energy flow in my body by
clearing away “congested” energy. Energy, also known as prana or chi, then can
flow where it is needed it in order to promote self- healing. One of the main tenets
of this work, she said, is “All healing is self healing.” I found this interesting
because the areas of my body that have been problems for me are my sinuses and
posture and somehow these were problems no more. Another tenet of Karen’s
energy work is “the energy goes where it’s needed.” Karen also explained how
important drinking water is to all of the body, both physically and energetically.

My Reiki Tool Kit ©

Karen has written a children’s book with Darlene Nelson called My  Reiki Tool Kit
©,  and workshops have been presented at schools in an attempt to help children
understand Reiki as a means of comforting and healing oneself. This is especially
helpful to children who have chronic problems. Karen also is a Reiki teacher for
adults, offering classes in all levels of Reiki for those who wish to learn to do
energy work for themselves and others. Karen is on the faculty of Infinity
Foundation in Highland Park, IL, and also facilitates free mini-workshops at
Infinity, which are open to the public.

I was telling a friend of mine about my “treat” and she told me a very interesting
story about Reiki treatments. A friend of hers who has many animals that she
loves very much, became skilled in Reiki techniques in order to heal her animals,
which she does regularly. Her horses move with greater ease after they are

So we find that Reiki and other energy work is helpful for children, adults, and
even animals. It’s a gentle, balancing tool that can relieve pain, reduce stress, and
promote healing on all levels. On the Oprah Winfrey program in late February,
Dr. Mehmet Oz stated that Reiki and other energy work is on the cutting edge of
modern medicine. It’s been known to speed up healing after surgeries, relieve
chronic dizziness, and lighten the side effects of chemotherapy, among many other
uses. Reiki is a safe, effective and life-enhancing tool for the 21st century.

Article copyright © Splash Magazines Worldwide. All rights reserved.

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Process Art Classes: the Process of Intuitive Expression

Western Calligraphy classes, with emphasis on the dip pen
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