Essential oils are Nature's gift to humankind, providing therapeutic
assistance from the wonderful botanicals that grow throughout the world.

The aromas from pure essential oils are especially evocative, because
the olfactory sense directly accesses the amygdala, the part of the brain
that takes care of the most basic life functions, like breathing. Bypassing
the cerebral cortex, therefore bypassing intellectual evaluation,
fragrances and aromas are among the most highly effective ways to
influence the body's chemistry, affecting all of our physical functions.

Karen Daughtry earned certification in clinical aromatherapy from RJ
Buckle Associates, LLC and has received advanced training from the
Robert Tisserand Institute. Clinical aromatherapy utilizes only the purest
and highest grade therapeutic quality essential oils, tested for efficacy,
safety and purity. Aromatherapy is another tool in our repertoire of


Learn about the health-giving benefits of essential oils, and how this gift
of nature can enhance your well-being. Also learn about the various
delivery methods for essential oils, and the necessary precautions. There
are so many ways to enjoy aromatherapy!

All About Aromatherapy

This class covers everything about the basics of clinical aromatherapy:
where essential oils come from, the various botanical names, how they
are manufactured, what properties they contain that are helpful to our
health and well-being--everything you need to know to get you started on
a wonderful adventure with essential oils. Find out about the essential
oils that no home should be without, the best delivery systems for the
oils, the necessary precautions, and sources to obtain the oils.

Calm in the Midst of Chaos

In times of stress, it is helpful to have the tools that work to create a calm
and peaceful state of mind. Using essential oils is an easy and effective
way to regain emotional equilibrium. The sense of smell bypasses the
intellectual part of our brains and goes straight to the limbic area where
memory and emotions reside. You can literally change your mood in
minutes if you know the correct oils to use.

Clean and Green

This class covers how to maintain a safe and wholesome household with
a minimum of toxic chemicals. Materials include the use of essential oils
and earth-friendly cleaning tools such as vinegar and borax.
Clinical Aromatherapy
and Essential Oils

Classes are available long-distance
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