Essential oils are Nature's gift to humankind, providing therapeutic
assistance from the wonderful botanicals that grow throughout the world.

The aromas from pure essential oils are especially evocative, because
the olfactory sense directly accesses the amygdala, the part of the brain
that takes care of the most basic life functions, like breathing. Bypassing
the cerebral cortex, therefore bypassing intellectual evaluation,
fragrances and aromas are among the most highly effective ways to
influence the body's chemistry, affecting all of our physical functions.

Karen Daughtry earned certification in clinical aromatherapy from RJ
Buckle Associates, LLC. Clinical aromatherapy utilizes only the purest
and highest grade therapeutic quality essential oils, tested for efficacy,
safety and purity. Oils and diffusers are available for order. Essential oils
are another tool in our repertoire of self-care.

The Gift of Relaxation

Gift Certificates Are Available--Give the gift of relaxation for your
stressed-out friends and family--Energy work is a thoughtful and inspiring
gift idea. Gift certificates may be purchased in any denomination and are
applicable to all goods and services.

Aromatherapy products make great gifts for all occasions: we have
lotions and liquid soaps available in stock and for special order.

Learn about the health-giving benefits of essential oils, and how this gift
of nature can enhance your life. Also learn about the various delivery
methods for essential oils, and the necessary precautions. There are so
many ways to enjoy aromatherapy!
Clinical Aromatherapy
and Essential Oils
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