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The children's book that makes energy work understandable to all:

My Helpful Healing Touch:
A Guide for Empowering Children

by Karen Daughtry and
Darlene Nelson

A wonderful children's book -- great for "children" of all ages. If you
and your family would like to have access to energy tolls for your
self-care and self-comfort, this book is for you. It de-mystifies the
language and practice of energy work and presents practical energy
tools for regular everyday use. Energy work is for everyone!
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This little book introduces energy concepts in simple-to-understand
language. Children from 6 to 12 are the main audience, but teens
and adults have also benefited from this compilation of the most
important facets of energy work, presented in a coloring
book/children's workbook format.

About the book:

"Children know about energy before they have words for the
experience. Too often that inner knowing is denied and fades as they
grow up. How wonderful to have a book that validates and supports
our children's intuition as a key life skill. Karen Daughtry and
Darlene Nelson affirm children's inner wisdom in simple terms with
accessible images which reinforce that the existence of energy,
while subtle, is the basis of life. My helpful Healing Touch will be a
valued tool for health care professionals and for enlightened parents
who seek to nurture their children in body, mind and spirit."  Pat B.
Allen, Ph.D, author of Art is a Spiritual Path and Art is a Way of
Knowing, art therapist and faculty member of the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago.

"My ten-year-old son was experiencing some anxiety (resulting in
eating difficulties). After learning these energetic tools and
practicing them, his anxiety subsided. My wife and I began using the
relaxation/healing exercises for ourselves as well. This little book is
a great collection of healing wisdom for 'children' of all ages." M.H.,
Glenview, Illinois

"My daughter absolutely treasures the book. She says that every
time she browses through it, she discovers new ideas and tools to
become a better and more loving person. The book is truly unique
and tailored to appeal to both young and not-so-young minds." S.B.,
Highland Park, Illinois

"Every child can participate in his or her own wellness. Authors Karen
Daughtry and Darlene Nelson give children step-by-step instructins
to increase their awareness of positive energy and practical ways to
use it. This must-have book empowers our children to use energy
tools to achieve and maintain joyful well-being." Nancy Grace
Marder, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Infinity Foundation

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