Aromatherapy Class: All About Aromatherapy
This class covers everything about the basics of clinical aromatherapy: where
essential oils come from, the various botanical names, how they are
manufactured, what properties they contain that are helpful to our health
and well-being--everything you need to know to get you started on a
wonderful adventure with essential oils. Find out about the "Fab Four"
essential oils that no home should be without, the best delivery systems for
the oils, the necessary precautions, and sources to obtain the oils. 2 hours

Aromatherapy Class: Calm in the Midst of Chaos
In times of stress, it is helpful to have the tools that work to create a calm
and peaceful state of mind. Using essential oils is an easy and effective way
to regain emotional equilibrium. The sense of smell bypasses the intellectual
part of our brains and goes straight to the limbic area where memory and
emotions reside. You can literally change your mood in minutes if you know
the correct oils to use. 2 hours

Aromatherapy Class:Clean and Green
This class covers how to maintain a safe and wholesome household with a
minimum of toxic chemicals. Materials include the use of essential oild and
earth-friendly cleaning tools such as vinegar and borax. 2 hours

Training the Teachers
Are you a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner? Do you love children and
would like to equip them with Healing Touch tools for their self-comfort and
self-care? Then this teleclass is for you--giving you tips on how you can teach
the children's class and add your unique personal flair. You do not need to be
a certified instructor to teach this class--all HTCPs are eligible. For details on
the My Helpful Healing Touch
phone Healing Touch Program at 210-497-5529 or

The Process of Intuitive Expression
Art Classes in Evanston
New to expressing yourself through art? Or are you a seasoned professional
who seeks new inflows of energy? This is a class for everyone, and we will
explore creating Process art on paper using various media, including
watercolor, oil pastels, pen and ink, and collage. Self expression and
freewheeling experimentation are encouraged--there is no “wrong” way to
put your thoughts on paper! Absolute beginners and seasoned artists alike
will appreciate the latitude and freedom that is encouraged. This is not a
methods class, there is no critique or criticism, and concepts will be
presented in an atmosphere of acceptance and free play. Based upon a
fusion of practices developed by Pat Allen, Michele Cassou, Stuart Cubley,
and other artists in the various Process methods, this class emphasizes the
meditative aspects of art as a practice of mindfulness and contemplation. A
variety of materials and papers will be provided to sample and examine on
the first day, and thereafter participants will be encouraged to bring their
own 2D materials and tools to work with. Please note: Materials with strong
odors such as spray paint, oil paint, and permanent marker are not permitted
in this class.

This class will explore the tools of Western calligraphy using the dip pen.
Three alphabets will be practiced: Foundational, Italic, and Uncial, with
emphasis on lowercase letterforms. Learn the basics in strokes and spacing
to improve your beginner’s hand, including instruction on slant, posture, and
the importance of negative space. The contemplative, meditative aspects of
the practice of beautiful writing will be explored. Basic pen and ink materials
are included in the fee. Participants are encouraged to bring practice paper
(ordinary 8-1/2x11 copier paper is fine). Practice time with individualized
attention will be provided, plus at-home practice is recommended in
between classes. Final Project, individual choice: letter a short quotation or
inspirational saying that you would like to beautify with calligraphy.
Foundational design concepts, layout tools and techniques, and many
examples of beautiful writing will be explored. Practical techniques and
applications are presented throughout, discussion and Q&A is encouraged.

Content includes: Introduction to the Foundational hand, created by Edward
Johnston, a closer look at the anatomy of letterforms, plus introduction to the
theory and practice of contemplative/meditative aspects of calligraphy

Introduction to the Italic hand, continuing study of negative space and
introduction to layout and design.

Introduction to Uncial letterforms, and an introduction to the art of
Illumination (as in The Book of Kells)
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